The Truth About Dieting and Diet Supplements

At Herbal Nutrition we have been selling a variety of diet supplements for over 15 years. As we have a passion for herbal supplements and natural remedies to improve health and wellness, we have used most of these supplements ourselves, as have many people we work with and know. 

So, after all this time and study, we want to share our beliefs about diet supplements and their use and effectiveness.  First, we would point you to the thousands of reviews posted to our website and other marketplaces like Amazon, etc. You can tell from these reviews that diet supplements benefit many people.  There are also some people that do not get the results they desire!

Why is this and what is the difference between success and diet failure?  What we believe is that many people fall for the false late-night advertising claims on TV, that you can take the pill and not change your eating or exercise habits and still lose weight.  In our opinion nothing could be further from the truth.  This is false advertising at its worst and broadcasters should not allow this, as it is very bad for public health.

From our experience diet supplements work as a part of a complete diet program.  They can accelerate weight loss, curb desire, block fat absorption, etc. depending on the specific supplement.  From people we have worked with over the years, great success stories have come from a three-pronged attack in a successful diet plan:

1. Control calories and carbohydrates.  The main benefit here is to change your body into fat burning mode, instead of fat storing mode. Sometimes a person needs a jump start, and we recommend following a Weight Watchers or Atkins-type eating regimen.  You don’t have to join the programs and pay fees – everything you need to know is now available for free on the internet. We prefer the Atkins approach – limiting daily carbohydrate consumption. It will guide you into changing how you eat forever. You can download free apps (try KetoDiet available free in the Apple app store) that will track and tell you how many carbohydrates are in each food you eat, making it very easy to know calories, carbs, and fat content of each food /meal. It’s important to check everything you put in your mouth, as some things are sneaky, contributing to carb and calorie counts, including supplements like pre-workout formulas etc. Knowledge is power in controlling your diet!

2. Exercise is also an important component, as it acts as an enhancer of weight loss through triggering the body to burn more calories, carbs, stored fat, etc.  Even incorporating a daily walk will benefit your diet. The average person burns 150 calories in a 30-minute walk; doing that every day will burn off the calorie equivalent of 1.2 pounds per month.  Walking also provides other excellent health benefits, including a decreased risk of disease and improved mood.  The popularity of fitness trackers that track steps and other activities are beneficial by encouraging increased activity levels, giving feedback and awareness, and helping to avoid sedentary lifestyles.

However, if for health, injury, or other reasons you cannot exercise all is not lost. It is important to know, you do not have to exercise to lose weight! In this case you will have to rely on the other two prongs of your diet plan. In any case, add exercise to your diet plan if you can, and the more exercise the better.

3. Use a dietary supplement that works for you.  Each diet supplement works differently, as we stated earlier; some curb cravings (mental effect), some suppress appetite, some block fat storage, some help burn fat, etc.  Do some research and pick a supplement that will benefit you where you believe you need help.  Good examples are Saffron Extract, which helps reduce the desire to eat, or Forskolin Extract that helps with Lipolysis (mobilizing fat burning during fasting or exercise).  Since everyone has a unique body chemistry, what works for one person may not work for another.  You should experiment and try different supplements to find the one that works for you. That is why we give educational information on our website about each product.   Don’t get discouraged if one supplement doesn’t seem to help, try another.

One final thing about your personal health condition.  There are a number of medical conditions that can cause weight gain or make it more difficult to lose weight.  That is why you should consult a doctor before engaging in a weight loss program or taking dietary supplements. Knowing your personal health condition is critical if you are struggling to lose weight. If your doctor is one who does not believe in herbal supplements, find one who does. A growing number of physicians are embracing herbal remedies.  Many are more holistic and even prescribe and sell them as part of their practices today!

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In closing… diet supplements can produce weight loss but not if you are eating a box of doughnuts every day!  We think of diet supplements as enhancing weight loss or tackling a specific issue you are trying to overcome as part of your complete diet plan. Our advice is, plan and execute your 3-pronged weight loss program! As part of your plan try various diet supplements until you find one that works for you. Lastly, call us at Herbal Nutrition if we can help in any way.

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Saffron Price: How Much Does It Cost & Why Is It So Expensive

What is the Current Price of Saffron?

Saffron is one of the most expensive spices on the planet. Per pound, Saffron can cost upwards of $1,500. You’re probably thinking, with these prices, you might start a little saffron farm of your own, well, we have some bad news.

Why is Saffron expensive?

The main reason why saffron is so expensive is the fact that the process of production of this spice can’t be automated. It takes an immense amount of physical labor to handpick, dry, trim, and package this majestic spice.Saffron Flower

Saffron is extracted from the saffron threads /stigmas found in the flowers of saffron crocus or crocus sativus plant. These stigmas represent the small elements located in the center of the flower’s blossom. They are attached to the thin small stalks in the flower.

It’s good to know that every crocus sativus plant comes with just three stigmas. Keep in mind that the size of one stigma is about 3 cm. To put it in simple words, in order to produce one pound of saffron, you have to use 70,000 crocus sativus flowers to be handpicked and over 210,000 threads to be individually plucked and trimmed from the flower.

Besides the long production process, there are few other factors that contribute to the high price of saffron such as supply and demand. The understanding of Saffron’ s health benefits has been growing at a rapid pace, as global demand continues to increase, so does the cost of this spice.

Understanding the price of saffron

Those who are planning on buying saffron should know that the price of saffron varies depending on the grade and quality. As we mentioned there are different types of saffron, different grades of saffron and the types of trims available to consumers.

Additionally, saffron is distributed more than once to different sellers. The saffron extract you are looking at is usually not sold by the growers or even through a second-hand buyer. For instance, Spain, as one of the countries that produce and uses saffron extensively, have laws and regulations that require just 10% of the saffron to be Spanish in order to label it as Spanish saffron. The companies from Spain are buying saffron from Iran, rebranding it as Spanish and selling it at a much higher price. In other words, you must be very careful when buying saffron because you might end up paying more for low-quality saffron.

How to get the best price for saffron

If you are looking for a way to get the best price for high-quality saffron, then you should buy from a reputable, trusted vendor. Unfortunately, the popularity of this spice has made many people think about frauds and scams. Namely, there is a high number of companies that are selling fake saffron or saffron with unacceptably low-quality saffron. These companies are focused on selling low-end saffron with higher profit margins. You can easily recognize it due to the color – they use yellow and orange threads in the process of production. What’s even worse is that some of them are using an adulterated product with natural or even artificial coloring.

Due to the fact that saffron is the most expensive spice on the market, it’s very important that you understand the different varieties of saffron and their intrinsic value. By doing this, you can expect to get the most value from your hard-earned dollar.

We at Herbal Nutrition, guarantee our Saffron Extract is of the highest quality, made in the USA by an FDA certified manufacturer, it is tested for purity and authenticity. It also one of the best values in the market today. We guarantee its quality and your satisfaction or your money back! Here are some of the benefits of saffron extract.

Benefits of Saffron Extract – Natural Mood Enhancer / Diet Formula

Saffron Extract Benefits

Saffron has been reported to do many things, including reducing symptoms of respiratory problems, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression.  It has also been said to work with the body to suppress appetite, reduce fat cells and speed up metabolism.  A perfect diet supplement for the emotional eater! 

ALL-NATURAL MOOD ENHANCER! STOP FOOD CRAVINGS & CONTROL EMOTIONAL EATING! At 88.25 mg per serving, this hunger suppressant takes the edge off and helps you control your late-night snacking or binges. No Caffeine, No Stimulants, No Jitters!  Just some all-natural help to suppress the desire to eat!

Proven to chemically alter the way the brain perceives our appetite & feelings of hunger.  Studies have shown decreases of eating Between Meals: 84% compared to 52% placebo. Decreases Snacking Average: 55% compared to 28% placebo. Reduces desire for Sugary Snacks: 78% compared to 46% placebo.

SAFFRON MAY IMPROVE YOUR MOOD! – a 2005 study published in ‘Phytotherapy Research’ found that saffron extract was more effective than placebo in the treatment of mild to moderate depression.

Made in the USA! 60-DAY MONEY BACK NO HASSLE GUARANTEE. If it doesn’t work for you, you can return the product and we will refund 100% of your money! FREE SHIPPING ON ALL U.S. ORDERS!  60 Capsules Per Bottle. Two Month Supply.


A recent clinical study has shown that taking oral supplementation of saffron (20 mg per day) for three months in patients with early stage age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or ARMD) induced a significant improvement of retinal function and visual acuity. 

Per Professor Silvia Bisti who carried out the research in patients with age-related macular degeneration, “Patients’ vision improved after taking the saffron pill”. This has created a hope that saffron may be the natural answer to stop or delay vision loss from macular degeneration.

Daily minimum supplementation with saffron (20 mg/day) is needed to achieve the eye health benefits of saffron.

Saffron has unique properties for modifying the activity level of specific genes in the retina of the eye that are involved in the protection and repair of retinal cells. The beneficial effects of supplementation with saffron in early age-related macular degeneration are unique and have not been observed with other nutrients.

We tested the active ingredient of saffron, carotenoid crocin, in a cell-based and have shown that it can protect photoreceptors (special cells in the retina of the eye) from damage caused by intense light.  Saffron extract can play an important role in protecting your eye health.

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