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BOGO Two 60 Counts - 2 Mth Supply ($24.95).

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Saffron Extract Two Bottles 88.5mg Safranal

Pure Saffron Extract - 88.5mg | Buy One, Get One Free! | 60 Capsules per Bottle | 100% Safranal™  Highest Quality Saffron Extract | All Natural Mood Enhancer | Feel Great & Lose Weight! | Free Shipping!

  • 88.5mg Saffron Extract - Dr. Recommended DosageSaffron Extract One Bottle 88.5mg Safranal
  • All Natural Mood Enhancer*
  • Helps Reduce Anxiety*
  • Helps Control Appetite*
  • Helps Reduce Cravings*
  • Promotes Eye Health*
  • Quality Assured By a GMP Manufacturer
  • All Natural and Contains No Fillers or Binders

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Product Info
Product Information

Safranal™ Saffron Extract - 88.5mg

Pure Saffron Extract The Dr Recommend Dosage! Most Effective Formula!

Safranal™ Saffron Extract is among the most effective brands of Saffron Extract available! During the manufacturing process our Saffron Extract is standardized to improve its potency and effectiveness.  Unlike most Saffron Extracts available today that are just made from raw saffron powder.  Ours concentrates the active ingredients for a pure and effective formula... for best results its Safranal™.  Mood, Diet, Eye Health and more.

Made in the USA! 60-DAY MONEY BACK NO HASSLE GUARANTEE. If it doesn't work for you, you can return the product and we will refund 100% of your money! FREE SHIPPING ON ALL U.S. ORDERS!  60 Capsules Per Bottle. Two Month Supply.

YOU CAN TRUST THE HERBAL NUTRITION BRAND! Our goal is to help people improve the quality of their lives, by providing nutritional supplements that will benefit their health and athletic performance. We developed the Herbal Nutrition Brand to deliver only the highest quality supplements and have helped thousands of people achieve their goals for more than a decade! Our commitment to our customers is to provide only the highest quality supplements and exactly what is on the label of our products! All our products are GMP manufactured and tested for authentication. Herbal Nutrition Quality 100% Guaranteed!

*Your Results May Vary


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Supplement Facts
Supplement Facts

Saffron Extract Supplement Facts

How do you read a supplement facts label?

Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1 CAPSULE
Servings Per Container 60
 Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
Safranal™ Saffron Extract88.50 MgN/A*


*Daily value not established

Other Ingredients: Rice Flour (non GMO), calcium carbonate, vegetable capsule contains purified water and hypromellose

Suggested Use:

Take one capsule twice daily with a full glass of water (once in the morning and once in the evening) with meals.

Do not accept if seal opening is broken or missing. Store at 15°- 30° C (59°- 86° F). Keep out of reach of children.

Product Warnings:

Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18. If you have any medical condition or are taking any medication consult a medical professional prior to use. To report any adverse effect call 1-800-332-1088

Customer Reviews
Customer Reviews
  • Ralph10/20/2022
    Saffron extract

    Seams to be helping with my macular degeneration but along with the areds2 I take

  • Rachel P.2/17/2022
    Helps with cravings

    Definitely helped with cravings for sweets and carbs, so I've lost weight slowly but steadily. Also helps with stress management. Love it!

  • Benn11/13/2021
    A Go To Resource For Eye Car!

    A reliable resource for eye care. Helped sustain confidence between extended gaps in doctor visits during COVID.

  • Norman B.8/8/2021
    Working to slow AMD

    The Saffron that I take regularly is part of a routine intended to slow age-related macular degeneration. The good news is that the AMD is progressing slowly.

  • Jarbar Mosby6/24/2021
    Great Appetite Suppressant

    So far, I've lost about 10 lbs. It does help curb my appetite. I Don't know about the other benefits yet. Will update as I go along.

  • Jules1/27/2021
    Works great for moods

    This brand of Saffron really does help with my moods and depression, with no side effects. Have tried another brand which did not work as well as this one.

  • Dorothy11/1/2020
    So Pleased!

    I am so pleased with this product - I'm a repeat customer

  • james buchanan8/14/2020
    It works.

    It helps me stay calm and relaxed.

  • 73hdsprint5/11/2020


  • David Gallegos4/22/2020

    Works better than I thought, i'm happy!

  • KC2/26/2020
    Love These!

    These are a miracle for me. When feeling a little down or off I take one of these and in an hour I feel better. I have no clue how they do it but I love these.

  • Beth1/15/2020
    Works Wonderfully As An Appetite Suppressant

    I am more than pleased with my experience so far. It's working wonderfully as an appetite suppressant, and interestingly I do not crave or desire foods with high carb counts or sugar. I plan to continue my use of the product.

  • Bruce's wife 1/5/2020
    My new happy pill

    I take one pill when I first get up in the morning and I can feel it working quickly.As for curbing appetite, not so much.I guess I'm not an emotional. eater.I feel a nice little high, though.

  • Beth12/6/2019
    Works Wonderfully!

    I am more than pleased with my experience so far. It's working wonderfully as an appetite suppressant, and interestingly I do not crave or desire foods with high carb counts or sugar. I plan to continue my use of the product.

  • Jane Wagner10/19/2019
    I would recommend this product to anyone

    I was delighted with Saffron Extract. It curbs my need for food, keeps me happier,​ and I sleep better. Exactly what it said it would do.

  • Kathleen7/26/2019
    Great expectations

    I was skeptical about the product but after using daily for a month I do notice an improvement in my mental and physical functioning. I am impressed by the availability of the product and the price. Thank you!

  • NJ Vixen7/17/2019
    Best Saffron I Have Taken

    This has absolutely no taste, the best saffron I've taken. The buy 1 get one is a huge plus. Great value for the money

  • Can of Opener5/25/2019
    Works For Me

    Anti inflammatory, weight loss and overall feel better with this product, I am a repeat customer and will continue to be as needed.

    Bought another brand to try also, and was not as effective with inflammatory issues I had or have had, cuts back on cravings also, so I don't graze like a cow all day. so this is my go to for me.

    If you have tried others with no success try this one , and use as directed on bottle.

  • Frank Tucci5/22/2019
    Curb your appetite naturally

    Saffron helped me stay on course to a healthier life style and lose 70 lbs. Cut my cravings completely off. All with no side effects like many other dietary aids. Now I continue to use the product to help me maintain a healthy weight. So thankful that I saw this product on Dr. Oz’s tv show. I have been using Saffron for over 4 years and don’t see myself stopping any time soon!

  • Georgie McLean5/15/2019
    Good Stuff

    Working well for me.

  • M Hunter4/29/2019
    Works Great For ADHD

    I bought this for my son who has ADHD and it's working great this is the only thing he takes. We're both very happy with the results.

  • glenn sterrett2/22/2019

    This is a product I have been using for a long time and know of its quality.

  • HN Customer1/17/2019
    Natural & Effective

    Excellent extra help for my intermittent fasting diet. I like that it’s natural. I take this around dinner time if I am skipping a meal for a fast.

  • J. Huges1/12/2019
    Works for Depression

    I started taking Saffron Extract from Herbal Nutrition a couple of years ago to combat depression. I stopped taking prescription medication about 8 years ago, trying natural remedies instead. The first thing I tried was St John's Wart and, although it helped some, wasn't enough. After much reading I discovered Saffron and began by taking two per day. For the last 3 years I have taken only one each day with great success. Along with some dietary changes, regular exercise, and therapeutic writing, the Saffron has helped to minimize the depressive symptoms. I haven't noticed any side effects from the supplement. Herbal Nutrition is always friendly, responding personally to emails. The prices are incredibly reasonable as well. Shipping has always been quick and flawless.

  • Angela Anderson12/10/2018
    This Works

    This product really does work. I will be ordering more tomorrow .

  • HN Customer10/25/2018
    Works Great For My Depression

    I've been using this product side-by-side with St. John's Wort for almost 2 years now, replacing prescription depression meds. Yes I still have bad days, especially if I forget to take it. I tried 3 years worth of prescription drugs, all with severe side effects, including weight gain, brain fog, and stupidity (one drug caused me to forget how to shift my car). That last one was the final straw; I switched to Saffron and St. John's Wort and haven't looked back because there are NO side effects.

    In the 2 years I've been taking this combination, I've lost 30 pounds, feel better than I have in years, and for the first time feel stable with normal mood swings. I can still feel happy, silly, sad, blah, and angry; but I no longer get "stuck", which leads to the depression. My depression is worse during our brutal northern winters. When I start feeling depressed, I continue with the St John's and Saffron, but add in a sun lamp, essential oils, and sound therapy (from YouTube).

    You may ask, why do I need this other stuff if the Saffron is so wonderful? I questioned that myself, wondering if the Saffron and St John's was actually doing anything, so I did a 3 day experiment by not taking them. The first day I was normal, the second day I was moody and sad, by the third day, I was extremely angry (which is how my depression manifests). My family noticed too, so I resumed the treatment and understand that I'll be taking them the rest of my life. It's a small price to have a normal life.

    Saffron is not a "miracle" cure. If you don't really want to get better, then you won't. No pill can help you if you won't take the steps to help yourself. I did lose 30lbs since I was on Saffron, but I completely changed my diet, eliminating 90% of carbs and sugars, didn't eat fast food or soda (still don't), and exercised daily.

    Saffron IS a tool in your arsenal if you actually do want to change your life and feel better. With the right mindset it does work and very well. If you really don't want to change your life, but would rather play the "whoa is me card" then don't waste your money, because it's not going to work for you.

  • TK10/21/2018

    These work!

  • Raven7/19/2018

    Since I have macular degeneration I started using this to help at least slow it down. Too soon to tell for sure if it is working for the macular but it may also be helping with my glaucoma as part of that has improved from the previous test. One thing I have noticed is I have less of a sweet tooth now which is nice.

    One word of caution if you are on blood pressure meds. Be careful as this lowers your blood pressure also. Mine hadn't been too high so was on a low dose. However, when I added in the Saffron it lowered it too far so will happily drop the meds!

  • Mariquita65/7/2018
    Great For My Eyes

    I’ve been taking these Saffron Supplements for a few months to preserve my vision for the future. I saw my mom’s eyes going bad thanks to macular degeneration, unfortunately she didn’ take Any supplements to help her eyes and now they are not too good. I made a research on this subject and find out that saffron intake is a very safe and helpful way to help prevent MD. I really want to keep my eyes in good shape for as long as possible.

    I like the Herbal Nutrition Pure Saffron Extract supplements and plan to keep on taking them as a staple in my diet.

  • Ray J.3/30/2018
    Work Well For Me

    They seem to work well for me in control my appetite. And I recommended them to a few people.

  • BB1/5/2018
    Helped With Our Moods!

    This product has FAVORABLY AFFECTED my and my daughter's moods. We both take a medicine for depression and the saffron has helped to create a happier outlook on each day.

  • Terry Lee12/18/2017


  • HN Customer11/3/2017
    Lower Stress Levels

    Felt happier and slept better within 48 hours. Has not done a thing for weight but I did not buy it fot that. Maybe if I had sweet tooth cravings but do not suffer from that affliction. I suffer from carb cravings and have had no significant change. Better stress management is the big plus.

  • Debbie9/25/2017
    Works for me...

    I have been using this for over a month with an exercise plan. Keeps me appetite and mood under control. :)

  • Joe Maxx9/25/2017

    Amazing product! Amazing service! I would strongly recommend both to others. Thanks again!

  • Charles J Tierney6/5/2017

    Second order. Everything perfect.


    Great product & service

  • Diamond Girl4/27/2017
    Works Quickly!

    I have been taking 5htp for several years and different brands - but I have never tried a product that seemed to really work so quickly. I woke up hungry in the middle of the night and had just received this delivery, I hadn't opened it yet. So I opened it, took one and woke up refreshed and still not hungry. I am excited to say that it might be because it is pure that I feel this is the product that I will be ordering again!

  • Herbal Nutrition Customer3/20/2017
    Like it!

    I like this product because it is only what it says it is. No added fillers. Herbal Nutrition LLC has good customer service. Thank you

  • Jancie Wallace10/18/2016
    Long time customer

    We do a re-order on these! Very fast delivery and works great

  • Herbal Nutrition Customer10/14/2016
    Works Great For My Depression

    I no longer take prescription depression meds. Yes I still have bad days, for those I supplement with St. Johns Wort. No longer do I sit in a fog or forget how to shift my car because of horrible side effects from prescription meds. Saffron helps depression with none of the side effects.

  • Jane9/10/2016
    Five Stars

    Great Price

  • Music Mom8/8/2016
    Five Stars

    Great service and great product.

  • Ramona Stabryla8/3/2016
    Excellent service and product!

    Yes I like it!

  • Leayh Graham7/13/2016
    Five Stars

    Helps boost my mood.

  • Kathy W.5/31/2016
    Five Stars

    Thanks hope they work using only a few days now

  • Jan11/3/2015
    The saffron isn't working as quickly as I thought it ...

    The saffron isn't working as quickly as I thought it would but I'm still taking it in hopes that I will make more progress.

  • Amazon Customer10/29/2015
    Lower stress levels

    Felt happier and slept better within 48 hours. Has not done a thing for weight but I did not buy it fot that. Maybe if I had sweet tooth cravings but do not suffer from that affliction. I suffer from carb cravings and have had no significant change. Better stress management is the big plus.

  • Eagle210/19/2015
    Two Stars

    I have noticed an appitite suppresent with this product!

  • Chris Fernandes6/10/2015
    Very happy with my purchase

    Got the product fast and it is what I expected. Very happy with my purchase.

  • Mom5/24/2015
    good value

    More than the average amount. Seems to have the same effect on my appetite, i.e. curbs it well

  • glenn sterrett2/18/2015
    Four Stars


  • Juls S11/3/2014
    Five Stars


  • Leswerks11/2/2014
    Really Works!

    I tried another brand of Saffron which did not work nearly so effectively as this one does. I will continue to focus on using this particular brand of Saffron. It really does curb our appetites, end snack cravings and improves our mood for both my husband and myself.

  • carrol weisel10/2/2014
    Three Stars

    I haven't had it long enough to know !

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