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Aspen IGF-1 Extreme & Tribulus 60 Ct. Stack

Aspen IGF-1 Extreme Spray & Tribulus Terrestis 60 Count ($38.95)

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Maximum Muscle & Male Enhancement Stack | Aspen IGF-1 Extreme Spray Plus Muscle Force Tribulus Terrestris | 30 Day Supply | 2x Testosterone Boosting | Plus IGF-1 & Other Growth Factors!

One Bottle Antler Velvet IGF-1 Extreme Spray

  • Antler Velvet IGF-1Guarantee
  • 400mg Proprietary Formula
  • 10mg Deer Antler Velvet IGF-1 Per Serving
  • 43x Max Concentration
  • US Sourced & MFD

One 60 Count Bottle Tribulus Terrestris

  • 1500mg Per Serving
  • Superior Bioavailability
  • Pure Bulgarian Tribulus

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Product Info

Product Information

The Next Level of
Human Performance

Meet Our Champion Zeek Andrews

Zeek Andrews

Aspen Antler Research

Multi-Level Dosing!

The Home of 100% U.S.A. Antler

Aspen Antler is a division of Herbal Nutrition focused solely on Antler Velvet Extract & IGF-1 supplementation.  For over a decade we have provided the highest quality products and educated our customers to their benefits.  If you are looking for the best quality products from a trusted source, you are in the right place.  Our antler velvet products are 100% U.S. manufactured and grown on farms in Idaho, then tested to ensure quality, and we provide a 100% money back guarantee to ensure your satisfaction. Don't settle for lower quality foreign sourced antler products!

We have developed a full line of Antler Velvet products from extracts to sprays, at various price points and dosages to accommodate a wide variety of people and uses.  Serious athletes, bodybuilders, weekend warriors and those seeking anti-aging remedies can find a wide variety of benefits from Antler Velvet IGF-1.

We Sell The Most Highly Concentrated Deer Antler Velvet Extract Products & IGF-1!  Our products at 43x concentration are 5 times stronger and purer than our competitors using Asian, New Zealand sourced antler. You can trust the Aspen Antler brand for quality, authenticity and transparency! We are also available by phone to answer questions and discuss your needs!

YOU CAN TRUST THE ASPEN ANTLER BRAND! Our goal is to help people improve the quality of their lives by providing nutritional supplements that will benefit their health and athletic performance. 

U.S. Deer Antler Velvet Extract - IGF-1

U.S. Deer Antler Velvet Spray - IGF-1

  • Aspen IGF-1 Max 200mg Proprietary Growth Formula 2 Bottle Pack $49.95 Sale $29.95
  • Aspen IGF-1 Extreme 400mg Proprietary Growth Formula 2 Bottle Pack $69.95 Sale $39.95
What Makes Our Deer Antler Velvet Extract Superior

Consider everything from our sourcing of only U.S. Antler Velvet, to our proprietary process and dedication to making the best products available. Our products are manufactured in a “proprietary process” resulting in the most effective concentration at 43:1.  That means 43 pounds of Antler Velvet to 1 pound of the purest antler ingredients used in all our products! Our products use only the top third of the antler velvet which is the most potent portion and we use all natural preservatives, no chemicals, to increase the bioavailability of the IGF-1, in an All American Antler Velvet!

Our products come in two forms, Extracts and Sprays, and varying dosages to accommodate a variety of uses.   For the purist, our Extracts contain pure Antler Velvet IGF-1 only and go up to 150mg per serving. Our sprays contain a proprietary formula with added ingredients, that work synergistically with the antler velvet extract. 

IMPORTANT TO KNOW - Competing Formulas use mostly foreign antler which is processed outside the U.S. and not as pure. They have no control over the manufacturing or quality. Competing formulas are only 5x to 8x concentrations, ours is a proprietary 43x or five times more concentrated.  Watch out for competitors falsely claiming sprays that contain more than 10mg of antler velvet, because at greater than 10mg, it cannot go through a sprayer.  That is why we offer higher concentrations with a dropper delivery system. You can trust Aspen Antler. We have been selling antler velvet IGF-1 for more than a decade!

Dosage & Efficacy

Each of us is unique in physical condition, body chemistry, age, hormone levels, goals, etc. So an effective dosage for one, might not work for another, trying to achieve the same result. For serious bodybuilders and athletes, we recommend starting at a higher / professional level dosage, and then backing down the dosage to see if they continue to get results. For others, just starting, we recommend a middle level dosage, then adjust up or down to determine their optimal dosage. We have eight strengths available from 5mg to 150mg of IGF-1 per serving. 

Why extract and sprays? Sprays are more convenient but when Antler Velvet dosage exceeds 10mgs it cannot go through a spray nozzle due to the denseness of the formula. For those needing more than 10mg of IGF-1 per serving, our extracts are available with droppers. We recommend cycling the products, 6 months on and one month off, before restarting.

For Muscle Building & Recovery

Natural Deer Antler is a safe alternative for bodybuilders & athletes. It is a safe and non-banned substance, though the IGF-1 component maybe under certain circumstances. Read - Deer Antler The Real Story. Athletes have used Deer Antler Velvet to enhance their workouts and results for decades.  First used by the Russian Olympic team in the 1980's, it has quickly become a popular athletes supplement.  It is safe and provides a wide variety of benefits.

For Anti Aging

Aspen Antler Extract and Aspen Antler Sprays harness the regenerative properties of velvet antler for a host of benefits.* Our formulas contain a balanced matrix of growth factors that are all natural, and have been used as an anti-aging supplement by a wide variety of people, and of all ages.

About Our U.S. Antler Farms in Idaho, Extraction & Bottling Process

Our Antler Velvet is 100% sourced in the U.S. and comes from farms in Idaho.  This give us control of the entire process from sourcing to manufacturing. Deer Antlers are the fastest growing mammalian organ. They harden and fall off each year, providing a renewable source of this super food. No harm comes to the animals, which are kept in optimum health, enabling us to consistently produce the highest quality velvet antler extract each year.

Extraction & Delivery

Aspen Antler Extracts and Sprays are the most concentrated velvet antler extract on the market, utilizing a triple extraction process to create VC 43x, in our proprietary formula. Unlike other velvet antler products, the Aspen Antler product line utilizes either USP Grade or organic grape alcohol preservative to deliver growth factors directly into the blood stream, therefore increasing bioavailability. Using this "All Natural" preservative avoids the breakdown of growth factors by the digestive system, which is common in competing formulas using chemical preservatives.

Bottling & Preservation

Aspen Antler Extracts and Sprays are bottled in an all glass environment, which prevents the delicate growth factors from binding and becoming denatured like what happens with plastic containers. Only amber glass is used, in order to protect the stability of the growth factors from harmful light rays. Additionally, not only does the alcohol improve the method of supplementation, but it also protects and preserves the growth factors, unlike the citric acid and potassium sorbate used in other velvet antler products.

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Supplement Facts

Supplement Facts

Aspen IGF-1 Extreme & Tribulus 60 Ct. Stack Supplement Facts

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Supplement Facts

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