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Meet Zeek – Men’s Classic Physique Champion

Zeek is a long-time customer of Herbal Nutrition and Aspen Antler.  He resides in High Point North Carolina. He is now our official spokes person!  Welcome Zeek Andrews Professional Men’s Classic Physique Champion!

Zeek, he resides in High Point North Carolina. He is now our official spokes person! He has used our Muscle & Fitness Products, including our Deer Antler Velvet IGF-1 for years as part of his supplement regimen. 

His climb to success has been through hard work and dedication to his sport. He also follows a great diet and supplement plan including our Aspen Extracts, L-Arginine, T5X Extreme and other products as needed. 



Zeek Andrews Recommends Aspen IGF-1 Products

He credits our products for part of his success. An all natural way to enhance recovery and performance. Congratulations Zeek on your success!

Here is Zeek’s story in his own word…

I’m Zeek a IFBB Classic Physique Bodybuilder. I begin my bodybuilding journey at 16 years old. I was motivated everyday to become a Professional Bodybuilder. I started competing 21 years old. I did my first contest in 2017. Winning my class in the overall the Muscle Heat . Eight weeks later entered the Elite Classic. Winning the overall in Classic Physique as well. A year later 2018. I competed at the same shows to keep my title as the Overall Winner.  After the Elite Classic, I flew out to Miami Florida to compete at the NPC National’s. I placed 6th out of 40 other competitors. In 2019 I was prepping for the 1st national show of the year in May. I was in such good shape I spontaneously entered the Charlotte cup in April as a warm-up show winning the class. Next drove to Charleston SC to compete for my pro card, I place 3rd in that show. I knew that I was getting better each time I never gave up. I stayed on prep for the NPC National’s in Miami, which is in November. I had to be very strict and discipline on my diet and training. This time it finally paid off. My dream came true. I won my class in Classic Physique. In doing so I was awarded my status as a professional bodybuilder. Now I begin another journey in this sport. -Zeek Andrews

Recent Mens Classic Physique Titles
  • 2019 NPC Nationals Miami FL (Pro Card)
  • 2019 NPC Nationals Junior Charleston SC
  • 2019 Charlotte Cup Charlotte NC
  • 2018 NPC Nationals Miami FL (6th Place)
  • 2018 NPC  Greensboro NC (2x Champion)
  • 2017 -18 Muscle Heat Greensboro NC
  • 2017 -18 Elite Classic Greensboro NC
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