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Rely On T5X-Extreme Testosterone Booster…

    • 25 Testosterone Boosting Ingredients
    • Multi-Ingredient Formula – Tribulus, Fenugreek, Zinc, Long Jack & More!T5X Extreme 1700mg Per Serving
    • 2nd Messenger Amplifies Uptake*
    • 5x Optimizing Complex Designed To help Maximize Utilization*
    • Helps Manage Estrogen Levels*
    • Helps Blocks Conversion To DHT*
    • Supports Muscle Gains and Libido*
    • Manufactured In The USA
    • Free Shipping

“Test Your Limits”

T5x Extreme

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Rely On T5X-Extreme Testosterone Booster…

    • 25 Testosterone Boosting Ingredients
    • Multi-Ingredient Formula – Tribulus, Fenugreek, Zinc, Long Jack & More!T5X Extreme 1700mg Per Serving
    • 2nd Messenger Amplifies Uptake*
    • 5x Optimizing Complex Designed To help Maximize Utilization*
    • Helps Manage Estrogen Levels*
    • Helps Blocks Conversion To DHT*
    • Supports Muscle Gains and Libido*
    • Manufactured In The USA
    • Free Shipping

“Test Your Limits”

T5x Extreme

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Product Description

T5x-Extreme – Test Your Limits

PREMIUM QUALITY AND MADE IN THE USA! Our T5x Extreme is manufactured in the U.S. by a GMP certified manufacturer. All our products are third party tested to ensure their quality, and we guarantee your satisfaction with a 100% money back guarantee.

Maximum Strength T5x Extreme from Muscle Force uses Potent doses of powerful herbal extracts, an advanced 5x hormone optimizing system, and a 2nd messenger complex to help increase testosterone. It helps optimize testosterone production & utilization, and improves hormone receptor signal. It minimizes conversion to DHT and helps lower estrogen. Our unique 2nd messenger amplifier complex stimulates receptor cell signal and helps to improve the effects of testosterone. Test Your Limits with T5x Extreme! Download Clinical Study On Multi-Ingredient Performance Supplements.

#1 Rated Formula – Millions Sold!

  • Helps Boost Testosterone
  • 5x hormone optimizing complex designed to support healthy testosterone levels
  • Helps Boost free testosterone with no increase in estrogen
  • Promotes estrogen levels in healthy range
  • Supports muscle mass, strength & libido
  • All natural ingredients
  • Clinically tested formula

To learn more about T5X Extreme and its ingredients – Read our blog article!

YOU CAN TRUST THE HERBAL NUTRITION & MUSCLE FORCE BRANDS! Our goal is to help people improve 60 Day Money Back Guaranteethe quality of their lives, by providing nutritional supplements that will benefit their health and athletic performance. We developed the Herbal Nutrition Brand to deliver only the highest quality supplements and have helped thousands of people achieve their goals for more than a decade! Our commitment to our customers is to provide only the highest quality supplements and exactly what is on the label of our products! All our products are GMP manufactured and tested for authentication. Herbal Nutrition Quality 100% Guaranteed!

Supplement Facts

T5x Extreme Supplement Facts

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Supplement Facts

Serving Size 3 Capsules

Servings Per Container 60

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Customer Reviews Write a Product Review

Write a Product Review

The Best...

Of all the testosterone boosters I have tried this one is the best. I am on the smaller side and get results with only half the dosage on the bottle. I take 2 in the morning and 1 at night.

Stack Deer Antiler Velvet with T 5 Extreme you will be very happy I am my guns love it and so does my lady bar dip machine now

I have been taking deer antlier velvet for 7 years now and it definitely works but oh man stack with T5 Extreme and watch out. I have been on T 5 for 3weeks now with antlier velvet Aspen Gold level and the combo is very strong I dropped over 10 pounds and built lean muscle in about 3 weeks and my Testerone levels are going up for sure libido way up and I started to get ripped slowly.


I am in my 60's and I have used this product over a long period of time and it definitely raises test levels for me. Improved my libido and help improve performance.

Good Results

I have just finished my second bottle of TX5. I am 51 and I workout 4 days a week. My workouts are heavy as I have been bulking and now I am entering the cutting phase of my routines. I have found that by taking these I have been able to add muscle mass and I am also seeing results in the lean muscle that I am putting on. I think your product has helped to be able to add lean muscle, I like that there are no side effects that I have felt. At times I feel tired as usual, but I am able to make it through my days and feel good, physically and mentally

Best on the market

I've tried a lot of other testosterone boosters but this is the best combination of ingredients, and it really works! Helps with performance and also helped with libido. Reasonable price too.

Crazy Good!

This product works! I have been taking it about a month and can definitely feel it enhances my test levels, will be reordering.

Pleased with the product and service

So far I am very pleased with the product and service!

Best Product

This is the best testosterone booster I have tried and I have tried many different products. It also increased my libido. This is my go to now.

Energy In A Bottle!

Awesome product for increased energy levels and strength

Great Stuff

Enhances mobility and concentration

Good Resutls!

I have tried a lot of T boosters but this one is the best. I can feel the product work. Helps get me up for my workouts. Also charges me up for other areas of my life.

This works!

Product is as advertised. More vascular and seems to be helping sleep. Will order more!!!

Gift from heaven

my husband loves these things and our sex has boost to the max with these pills.

Got to try this!

This product is amazing and I have seen improvement in my workouts and in the bedroom. You do have to take it as labeled but this really works for me.

My Got To for T- Booster Now

Really like the results of this product. My shipment was late but they helped me track it, nice people.


Good stuff!

A Favorite T5X

A Favorite T5X is my one of my favorite test boosters. I also like that new boom stick by redcon but the price difference makes me jump between the two depending on what workout program I am on. I'm 34 yrs I've been using Test boosters for 2 years now. Strength increases well and progressively, endurance and stamina increase and it makes me feel better overall. This is a great tbooster, no complaints about any aspects on T5X

T5X Does What It Claims To Do!

T5X really rocks and it does what it claims to do. I feel stronger and I have more energy. I think what I like the most is that it absolutely enhances my metabolism - no doubt, and so it helps to keep me lean and toned as well.

Delivers Results

Product provides me energy throughout the day!

Strength Gains

I didn't notice a size difference, but strength gains skyrocketed. I guess because of the multiple ingredient you have to take 6 pills a day. I would prefer few tablets.

Great Results

I have had good results with this product. Took a few days to build up but after about a week I noticed better workouts and also could tell it was increasing my desire, if you know what I mean. Take the full dosage!

Great improvement reps this is a great product.

this is my 3rd week and my strength is rocketing. after the first week i was flat benching 100 lb dumbbells 1 rep max...2 weeks later i got 4 reps in!! and my deadlift has jumped 100 lbs since on water weight with the right diet and the sex is great!!



Great Product

The words I can say about T5x are GREAT,GREAT N GREAT. This product works as what it supposed to do. I had used this supplement many times and it never disappoint me . It Increases stamina n makes heavy lifts easy. Reduces water retention and supports recovery . Also promotes sexual health .

Impressed With This Product...

I was very impressed with this product, it really helped kick start my sex drive and I started gaining again after coming off a A/T programme a couple of months ago. It would probably work even better if I could remember to take the evening dose too!

Good Booster

I love T5x! Get test booster while lowering the estrogen levels. I've made awesome gains while using it and the price is reasonable. My libido also spiked up which is a plus. Easy to take with promising results. I recommend this to anyone especially the older generation of men who need that boost.


I keep track of my workouts in a log, tracking my reps, routine, sets etc. and while on this product I saw the exercises that involved heavier lifting, I.E. Dead-lifts, bench squats etc., went up around 30lbs and when I came off of this product I kept about 15-20lb of the gains on the weight bar. All in all i think its a good product; However, for those of you that are new to T-Boosters or have not found what you would consider the "magic pill be aware that this isn't like a pre-workout

Great Product

Great in the gym and in the sack! If you know what I mean.
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