15 Reasons to try NeuroShield

NeuroShield Get Smarter15 Reasons to try NeuroShield – Advanced Brain & Memory Complex

We at Herbal Nutrition created NeuroShield for ourselves! Yes really, we wanted to create a multi-ingredient supplement that worked! We have put together 15 of the most potent and effective ingredients shown to improve memory, cognition, alertness, and then added neuro-protective antioxidants for the brain! We researched each ingredient, determined the effective amounts, and worked to create the perfect brain & memory complex. We use it and swear by it and think you will love it too.

ADVANCED SCIENCE FOR BETTER COGNITION – Our formula contains 15 nootropic ingredients, scientifically formulated to promote a healthy brain, enhanced memory, focus and clarity. *  Perfect for Baby Boomers, Students, Senior Citizens, and anyone looking to improve cognition & brain health. Students will find this a great study aid promoting focus and retention. Our formula was created in US laboratories and is made by a US FDA certified manufacturer to ensure quality, safety, and effectiveness.

NEUROPROTECTIVE – NeuroShield has ingredients to protect the brain from decline and damage that comes as we age. Among others, Huperzine, Ginkgo Biloba, Rhodiola Root, A-GPC & Artichoke Leaf Extract have protective properties in addition to their cognitive benefits. Bacopa Monnieri benefits are for memory and learning support while balancing serotonin levels. Rich in antioxidants that target the brain, NeuroShield is neuroprotective, meaning it promotes repair while preventing oxidative damage. * The B vitamins 6 & 12 along with Niacin play a critical role in general neural health and repair, all promoting better cognition and protection. *

KEY INGREDIENTS – Huperzine, Ginkgo, Bacopa, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Rhodiola Root, L-Theanine all support enhanced cognition, memory, and promote better blood flow and oxygen to the brain. *  Magnesium Oxide helps balance the brain, relieve stress, and enhance mood. * L-Theanine works with Green Tea Extract to provide non-jittery mental stimulation to promote energy and focus. *

15 Reasons to try NeuroShield!

  1. Huperzine A – One of the most potent nootropics, enhances cognition and memory. Prevents breakdown of acetylcholine, the learning transmitter.
  2. Bacopa – Improves memory, reduces anxiety, and boosts brain function.
  3. Ginkgo Biloba – Neuroprotective antioxidant, increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain, improves cognitive function & memory.
  4. Acetyl L-Carnitine – Brain booster increases alertness, alleviates effects of aging and neurological decline.
  5. Magnesium Oxide – Promotes happy hormone regulator GABA, crucial for calming the brain and relaxation.
  6. Green Tea Leaf Extract – Neuroprotective and supports blood vessel and healthy blood flow to the brain.
  7. L-Theanine – Improves alertness, stimulates brain, and works synergistically with Green Tea.
  8. Alpha-Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline – Attenuates cognitive decline.
  9. Rhodiola Root – Improves cognition under stress or fatigue and is neuroprotective.
  10. L-Citrulline DL-Malate – Improves blood flow and Nitric Oxide levels for the brain.
  11. L-Tyrosine – Amino acid that promotes dopamine, an adrenaline neurotransmitter, plays a vital role in brain function.
  12. Artichoke Leaf Extract – Super antioxidant protects and reduces oxidative effect on brain.
  13. Niacin (B3) – Protects age related brain disorders and prevents problems with brain function.
  14. B6 – Helps maintain healthy nervous system.
  15. B12 – Neuron regeneration and repair of nervous system.

YOU CAN TRUST THE HERBAL NUTRITION BRAND! Our goal is to help people improve the quality of their lives, by providing nutritional supplements that will benefit their health and athletic performance. We developed the Herbal Nutrition Brand to deliver only the highest quality supplements and have helped thousands of people achieve their goals for more than a decade! Our commitment to our customers is to provide only the highest quality supplements and exactly what is on the label of our products! All our products are GMP manufactured and tested for authentication. Herbal Nutrition Quality 100% Guaranteed!

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