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Two Pack – #1 Rated NeuroShield Brain and Memory Supplement | Multi-Ingredient Formula | Antioxidants Protect and Prevent Age Related Decline and Helps Improve Memory, Focus & Cognition! | 180 Day Supply!

Protects & Sharpens The Mind!

you get…

  • Two 90 Count Bottles
  • 15 Nootropic Ingredients
  • Super Brain Antioxidants 
  • Huperzine A, Ginkgo, Bacopa, Rhodiola & More
  • Synergistic Scientifically Formulated

NeuroShield Helps…

  • Memory, Focus, Cognition
  • Concentration
  • Learning
  • Clarity 
  • Clearing The Fog

With Neuro-Protective Antioxidants

Think Clearer, Focus Better, Learn Faster!

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Two Pack – #1 Rated NeuroShield Brain and Memory Supplement | Multi-Ingredient Formula | Antioxidants Protect and Prevent Age Related Decline and Helps Improve Memory, Focus & Cognition! | 180 Day Supply!

Protects & Sharpens The Mind!

you get…

  • Two 90 Count Bottles
  • 15 Nootropic Ingredients
  • Super Brain Antioxidants 
  • Huperzine A, Ginkgo, Bacopa, Rhodiola & More
  • Synergistic Scientifically Formulated

NeuroShield Helps…

  • Memory, Focus, Cognition
  • Concentration
  • Learning
  • Clarity 
  • Clearing The Fog

With Neuro-Protective Antioxidants

Think Clearer, Focus Better, Learn Faster!

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Product Description

Two Pack – NeuroShield – Brain & Memory Complex 

NeuroShield Brain & Memory Supplement

ADVANCED SCIENCE FOR BETTER COGNITION – Our formula contains 15 nootropic ingredients, scientifically formulated to protect & promote a healthy brain, and enhanced memory, focus and clarity.*  Perfect for Baby Boomers, Students, Seniors and anyone looking to improve cognition & brain health. Students will find this a great study aid promoting focus and retention. Our formula was created in US laboratories and is made by a US FDA certified manufacturer to insure quality, safety and effectiveness.

NEUROPROTECTIVE – NeuroShield has ingredients to protect the brain from decline and damage that comes as we age. Among others, Huperzine, Ginkgo Biloba, Rhodiola Root, A-GPC & Artichoke Leaf Extract have protective properties in addition to their cognitive benefits. Bacopa Monnieri benefits are for memory and learning support while balancing serotonin levels. Rich in antioxidants that target the brain, NeuroShield is neuroprotective, meaning it promotes repair while preventing oxidative damage.* The B vitamins 6,12 along with Niacin play a critical role in general neural health and repair, all promoting better cognition and protection.*

KEY INGREDIENTS – Huperzine, Ginkgo, Bacopa, Acetyl L-Carnitine, Rhodiola Root, L-Theanine all support enhanced cognition, memory, and promote better blood flow and oxygen to the brain.*  Magnesium Oxide helps balance the brain, relieve stress and enhance mood.* L-Theanine works with Green Tea Extract to provide non-jittery mental stimulation to promote energy and focus.* See 15 Reasons to try NeuroShield on our blog.

YOU CAN TRUST THE HERBAL NUTRITION BRAND! Our goal is to help people improve the quality of their lives, by providing nutritional supplements that will benefit their health and athletic performance. We developed the Herbal Nutrition Brand to deliver only the highest quality supplements and have helped thousands of people achieve their goals for more than a decade! Our commitment to our customers is to provide only the highest quality supplements and exactly what is on the lab60 Day Money Back Guaranteeel of our products! All our products are GMP manufactured and tested for authentication. Herbal Nutrition Quality 100% Guaranteed!




Supplement Facts

Other Ingredients:

Vegetable Cellulose Capsule


Suggested Use:

Take one capsule daily with a meal or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.

Product Warnings:

Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.Keep out of the reach of children. Do not use if safety seal is damaged or missing, store in a cool dry place.

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Customer Reviews Write a Product Review

Write a Product Review

Improvement in a few weeks

I have only been using the Herbal Nutrition NeuroShield Brain & Memory Complex capsules for a few weeks and have seen some improvement in my memory and focus. I want to give this product more time to see if my memory continues to improve. How much time that will take, I'm not sure. In time, I believe this product will be very helpful. I am a 80 year old male with relatively good health and I would like my memory and cognitive aspect of my life to improve.

We believe in this product!

As the header states, we believe in this product. We're in our advice ages (70 & 69) and we don't want to become our parents. It works! We will continue to order this product.

Product Really Helps Me Focus

I think Neuroshield with Huperzine A helps me focus when I drive

It is a good brain booster

I take it once a day and it helps. At 74 I am still working as a mental health counselor

Maintains Cognitive Awareness

My husband and I are both 65, and both of his parents died of dementia. We were looking for something to prevent cognitive decline, and Neuroshield seems to do just that. We highly recommend the Herbal Nutrition company. We have purchased and are using other products from them. Their customer support is fantastic

Very Satisfied It's my 3rd order.

Well liked, great ingredients and price. I believe it's doing its job. So far well satisfied.

More alert and focused

After taking this for a few weeks I really noticed a difference in my focus and concentration. I also likes that it protects the brain as I get older.

great study aid

I have a hard time focusing sometimes and this product has really helped. A friend recommended it and I'm a believer. Great price and customer service is super friendly

Really helps with memory and concentration

I've been using NeuroShield for about 45 days and I can really see an improvement in my focus and memory. I take it every morning, no side effects, and I feel sharper and more alert. Great product and price

Best Product!

This is the best memory booster I have tried. I am 45 years old and felt I was getting a little foggy at work. I take this every morning right before I leave a great jump start for my day.

So grateful to have found these

These supplements have literally changed my life. Have been taking them for about four months now. I used to have terrible brain fog and now I can concentrate and I have a better memory. I love these supplements!


This is a really good product, keeps me focused at work. Nice way to start the day for me.


Noticeable improvement!

Great Product

I have been taking this product for a couple of months and I believe it helps me to keep sharp all day.

I give this an A

This helped me score well on my exams in December. I took this 30 minutes before studying and taking exams. I got high B's which is good for me.

Old Age Eraser

I am sixty five and this has really helped me improve my memory. I can actually notice a difference about 30 minutes after I take it. I have been taking it twice a day. I works for me!


Oh my goodness this product arrived fast, and it was amazing it gives you focus and wakes you up in the right mindset for those early A.M. lifts. And not at the cost of all the artificial ingredients.

Big Time Improvement

It's great at 3 weeks I noticed improvement just finished a bottle and memory is much better focus recall all have improved big times.

I can feel it!

I can tell a significant difference taking this booster, after about 30 minutes everything seems clearer and I can focus better. I like the fact that this also provides long term protection and will make this part of my daily routine.

Better Focus Immediately

This worked right off the bat for me. I have trouble sleeping many nights and feel groggy the next day. I could tell a difference the first time I took Neuroshield. Recommend this to anyone trying to improve mental focus and recall.

Makes the grade

I take this before studying and taking tests, it seems to really help me focus, and I really feel it helps me make better grades. I take one capsule to study and two before taking a test.

I can see clearly now...

All I can say is what a difference this has made for me at work. I am always multi-tasking and since taking this I can keep up better with all that is going on.

So.. It actually works

This stuff actually clears up the "foggyness. After being hurt and having surgery I found myself on medication for life. Of course it became difficult to focus. Ordered this and now my mind feels much clearer and this is added to my daily medications."

Turn Back Time

I am writing this review after taking Neuroshield for a little over 1 month. I'm in my mid 30s and in the time I've taken it, I have had an easier time with stress at work, and I've had more energy, focus and drive to complete projects (drudgery) around the house. The biggest difference I've noticed is that when I've decided to do something, or had a good idea, I have a lot more willpower to follow through on it.

Better Focus & Memory

I've been using this product for a month and noticed an increase in focus and short term memory. Looking forward to keep on using it and seeing more improvements.

Helps Me Focus

This is a great product to use for those times when you feel like you need an extra boost of concentration or focus. I have been taking these everyday and I do notice my brain seems to work a bit faster and I don't seem to lose my train of thought as often as I had before. Definitely helps me get through the day without being in a fog!
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